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At ID Plug, we are motivated by more than just money. Other fake ID providers simply produce to make a profit. We are passionate about our products and the message behind them. In the United States, 18 year olds are able to enlist, fight, and die for our country. The same 18-21 year old civilians who are either actively serving or required to register for the draft do not have the capacity to live like a true American adult. If the government thinks you are old enough to take a bullet, you are old enough to engage in America’s restricted recreational activities. For those in this age group, it is our mission to provide you with top of the line fake identifications so that you can live as a true legal adult without repercussions. For anyone under the age of 18, we suggest leaving this webpage.


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Our team directly replicates the security features used on each state drivers license for our products. The differences between our fakes and real licenses are indistinguishable.