Card Advice and Rules

Card Advice and Rules

To start off thank you for purchasing cards from me, this benefits me as much as it will for you. These are the highest quality cards that money can buy; therefore, these will never fail you unless you make a careless mistake. Scannable, UV, includes all necessary security features. Below is a compiled list made by me for a reference of things you should know before using your cards.

  1. Memorize all information on your card, I recommend everyone uses their own info for a reason, it will match the name on your credit card, you know all your info by heart and you can answer any questions about the area of your address. Bartenders and Bouncers will be your toughest opponents, they will drill you, your card will look too real for them to take it immediately so they will pressure you with questions to see a slip up, giving them probable cause to seize your card.
  2. Test the waters and know the limit. In the beginning I recommend, sticking to grocery stores and gas stations. This will build up your confidence and casualness when you decide to go to a bar or a club.
  3. DO NOT GO TO A CASINO!!! Casinos are highly secure. Some casinos may have DMV scanners that will scan the license number and see if it is in their database, which it won’t be because this is not a real drivers license. It is highly rare for any casinos to have this but regardless they do not fuck around. If someone is caught wagering in a casino underage, the casino may lose its gaming license. Let’s say you do get in and win a decent amount of money, it is highly likely they will ask for two forms of ID and you will be unable to cash out. If you decide to take the risk it is up to you but 5/10 times you’ll be taken to a backroom and authorities will be called.
  4. Timing and Discreetness. Timing is critical, you do not want to run into your friendly neighbor while holding two handles of Titos. Go later in the day or early in the morning during non-busy hours, this will also make your time in the store quick. Keep your head down, dress like an adult, and keep chit chat light at the store.
  5. Purchase and Presentation. This is your final step in the store, after you called the employee over to get alcohol out of the cabinet you are now on your way to checkout. When you get to checkout, use self-checkout. It is not necessary but it is a whole lot easier and gives less time for employees to analyze you. When it is time for the ID check the worker will walk up and ask for ID. Grab it from your phone case or wallet. MAKE SURE THE ID IS NOT NEXT TO ANY OTHER VISIBLE FORM OF ID. When you grab your ID, hand it to the employee, don’t try and hold it the whole time, hand if off to them as if there’s nothing wrong and they are just doing their job, most workers will look at it for a second but some will spend a minute. If they are taking a long time do not panic, they are using this time to view body language and your ID.
  6. Store Rules. After you buy alcohol from a store, never set foot in it again with parents.
  7. Clothing. No high school apparel at all, know the year you graduated, if you are doing curbside pickup at a store, do not have any high school parking passes up.
  8. Clubs. When you and your friends decide to go to clubs together make sure you all have the same state ID, if you don’t, enter the club separately. This is not entirely necessary but clubs in general seeing large groups of kids is a red flag and may deny you anyways to avoid risk.
  9. Bars and Restaurants. I recommend going to restaurants and bars out of town, places you would not see people you know.
  10. Final Rule. This is very unlikely but in the case an ID is taken, do not fight it, AT MOST, KINDLY ASK FOR IT BACK, and if they say no walk away and go home. They won’t call the cops but they will take it. This is why you have duplicates, highly unlikely for this to happen. It will likely never happen in your home town but if you go to college, bouncers take them off of intuition and no evidence, just let it happen, DO NOT SAY YOU WILL CALL THE. COPS, THEY WILL CALL YOUR BLUFF, IT IS NO HASSLE FOR THEM TO CALL THE COPS.

I understand this is a lot of info, it is not this complicated, it is insanely simple, these are just some things to keep in mind so keep yourself safe.

Never hesitate to contact me with any questions ever, if you ever refer people, text me first before disclosing my identity.

Thank you all again for your business!